Union of South American Nations (UNASUR)

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Union of South American Nations is a continental organization of states located in the South American continent. The union aims to promote cooperation between these countries and to act as a platform for economic, military, and social affairs in the region. When discussing the topics, delegates will need to consider a number of factors, including regional instability, economic depression, and such other such issues.

Note: This committee is set in the past and features time bubbles, with topic 1 being set pre-1990 and topic 2 being set pre-2019. This means that sources or events that occur past these dates will be disregarded. For the purpose of this committee, UNASUR will be said to have formed in 1975.

Topic 1: The situation in South America in the 1980s. (pre-1990)

Topic 2: Strengthening the mandate and union of UNASUR. (pre-2018)

Head Chair – Yousha Surjiani

Co. Chair – TBA

GEMS Wellington International School Model United Nations 2020