These are the students working tirelessly hard to put together GWISMUN2020 and make it a flawless experience. Each individual is well versed in the area they lead, and all are excited to have you at the event.

Rida Sayed

Co-Secretary General

Hello! I’m Rida Sayed, Co-Secretary General for GWISMUN2020. It’s an honor to be granted this post and I hope I can organize a conference to be remembered as fun and innovative.

Ever since my first conference two years ago, I’ve enjoyed MUN immensely, both for the interesting debate and the potential for change it gives us. After all, what other platform can teach public speaking, debate, team work, global politics and history, and research skills? I can’t think of any.

That is the spirit of MUN, a place of growth and enjoyment, and that is what we strive towards for this conference.

I’m excited to meet you all in April, and if you ever need anything, just ask!

Anvay Joshi

Co-Secretary General

I’m Anvay Joshi, Co-Secretary General for GWISMUN2020; and I am looking forward to a memorable conference which we all can enjoy.

Diplomacy and politics have always been areas of great interest to me, which meant that I instantly fell in love with the concept of MUN ever since my first conference in 2016.
MUN is a platform to understand and express various points of view, which make it a perfect arena for someone commonly referred to as the “devil’s advocate”.

With 19 conferences and multiple awards, I have fallen in love with the enormous opportunities MUN brings to the table. Hence, I find GWISMUN to be the perfect way to bring new delegates into the MUN circuit. Over the weekend of the conference, you will likely find me sitting in various committees, interacting with delegates to ensure everyone enjoys the conference.

Feel free to approach me at any time about any help regarding MUN, I am always here to help delegates and give advice.

Patil Djerdjerian

Deputy Secretary General

My name is Patil Djerdjerian and I am the Deputy Secretary General of the GWISMUN 2020 session.

I have always been intrigued by the prominent role the United Nations has played within the international community, serving as a proactive body characterized by unity, peace and solidarity. Yet, purpose has become a fluid and dynamic concept today, resulting in a shift in the effectivity of action the United Nations has produced.

Global duty has become global formality. Hence, in a simulated yet realistic environment, I hope this conference catalyzes new thinking, hosts engaging discussions and builds diplomatic bridges between nations, making this generation one step closer to resolving some of the most impactful issues we continue to encounter, whilst redefining purpose.

Shreshth Modi

Chief of Staff

I’m Shreshth Modi, and it is my honor to serve and welcome you to GWISMUN2020.

MUN has played a vital role in my life, from my first conference as a delegate in 2017, to now in the fourth year of my MUN career as the Chief of Staff for a wonderful conference.

My past MUN experiences have helped me considerably in my character development and debating skills but also helped nurture my passion and interest in global politics. I believe that as future leaders, we must be more responsible, which is why I call on you to “be the change you wish to see,” as Mahatma Gandhi famously said. His Excellency Mr Antonio Guterres said “At Model UN, you broaden your horizons. By learning and networking, you can be part of the UN’s efforts to establish peace, secure human rights and enable all people to live in dignity,”. That’s what we strive to meet.

I hope that GWISMUN2020 provides you with the right platform to help you nurture yourself and improve your debating skills, but also to make long-lasting friends and, most importantly, have fun. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Talha Solangi

Director of Logistics

Hello! My name’s Talha Solangi, Director of Logistics for GWISMUN2020. The main thing that I do is arrange all your equipment and rooms to make your GWISMUN an enjoyable and fun experience.

I first started MUN 4 years ago, and I haven’t looked back ever since. The debate, public speaking and the overall experience for me in the conferences that I’ve attended have allowed me to learn more about the world in which we live while helping me become more confident and sociable; and I value those experiences greatly.

I’m very excited to welcome all of you to our school and to make your GWISMUN experience a memorable one and enjoyable one.

Mia O’Connell

Co-Director of PR and Media

Hi, I’m Mia O’Connell, the Co-Director of the PR team for GWISMUN 2020. I am mainly in charge of keeping up with emails and the social media accounts of the event. I’m very grateful to have this opportunity to be able to contribute to making GWISMUN a memorable experience for you all.

I believe that MUN is a great way in which students can develop critical skills that will be useful for the rest of their lives – debating, public speaking, leadership, etc.

Although I am a relative newcomer to both MUN and event organization at this scale, I will try my hardest along with the rest of my team members to make sure I do my best!

I’m very excited to see you all very soon!

Pratham Dhawan

Co-Director of PR and Media

Hi! I’m Pratham Dhawan, Co-Director of Media/Photographer at GWISMUN2020. If you are an IB student, I’m the person to talk to for CAS evidence.

I’ve been doing MUNs for about a year now, and this position really is a great privilege for me. Taking photos and capturing memories is something I’m passionate about, and I hope that, at this conference, I can help you make some wonderful ones.

I’m very excited to see all of you at this conference, and I’m always willing to help, so please don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

Yours truly,

Umaimah Razvi

Chief Editor/Director of Press

Hi! I’m Umaimah Razvi, the Chief Editor and Director of Press at GWISMUN2020. I will be heading a journalistic committee that will document the hopefully exciting conference.

I have always felt that giving young individuals a platform to express their passion and interest in politics is undeniably important. MUN is the perfect place to cater to these needs, and I am very eager to introduce a different perspective in media. The media has become one of the most interesting and controversial tools in the world of politics as it is the primary way in which information is related to the general public. Discussing the power and responsibility that comes with it will surely birth some extremely thought-provoking ideas from our delegates.

Hopefully, this conference will be as productive for the delegates as it will be for the secretariat. I look forward to seeing you all in April!

Chetan Nair

Director of Finance

Hi! My name is Chetan Nair, the Director of Finance for GWISMUN2020. I will be leading the team managing everything regarding finances for this incredible event.

MUN is the perfect opportunity for aspiring student leaders to interact with each other, undertaking various roles of responsibility as delegates to discuss international relations and prevalent global issues. GWISMUN2020 will be a demonstration of the skills of future leaders who will be in charge of turning pages towards new chapters for the international community. An avenue to hone leadership skills, build new relationships, reinforce the rhetoric and most importantly, create new memories.

As someone with extensive experience in finance, fundraising events, and organising events in general, I look forward to working on this project to bring you an amazing MUN conference that I hope you enjoy.

I’m excited to see you all at the conference. Feel free to come and strike up a conversation if you see me!

GEMS Wellington International School Model United Nations 2020